Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Autumn Already!

It's almost October and I'm in a state of shock, every day has been absolutely jam packed and it seems as though I've completely lost track of time. In so many ways I'm enjoying the fast pace, it's great getting back into my college work and spending time with the lovely girls in my year. Being so busy really makes me treasure every minute with Nina and it gives me a little glimpse of what's yet to come... Having a full time job with a young child must be tough and I salute all those mums who do it. I am definitely taking full advantage of my opportunities at the moment and I know how lucky I am.


Here's a brief instalment of how September has gone down in our lives so far:

- Vegetarianism: Still going strong we have had some fabulous veggie meals at home and found that eating out vege is so much cheaper. Nina lasted about four days until she caved in over some chorizo haha! 

- Independence: My goodness, I'm glad the referendum is over and I was very pleased with the outcome however at no point was I ever 100% no. Being born and bred in Scotland it ties your emotions to the land and people. It was a very close call and I have so much respect for the campaign and the determination of all involved on either sides.

- Nina: Well the kid's been a little super star as usual and has been crowned "Star Tidy-Upper" at nursery. We had a great walk up Arthur's seat today and Nina collected a little stash of pebbles to "help us find our way home like Hansel and Gretel!" She's a gem honestly, I tell everyone all the time that being with her is like being with my miniature best friend! We are very fortunate to have such a thoughtful, generous and caring we soul in our lives.


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