Monday, 1 September 2014


I can't quite believe it's September all ready, it's crazy. I've been so fortunate to have such a large chunk of time this summer to spend with my little honey and I know it's a privilege I probably won't have in years to come. I do feel that we have made the most of it although no matter how much you squeeze into each and every day theres always those few things you wanted to do that slip away.

I've been back at college for a week now but it's been so chilled out! It's been so good catching up with the girls on the Textiles course. We spent our days meandering around the Generation exhibitions at the Modern Art galleries 1 & 2, the National gallery and the Fruitmarket gallery. I can honestly say that it is one of the most inspirational exhibitions I have been to because it is so current and relatable. If anyone in Edinburgh has the oppertunity I highly reccomend you go to see it. Nina loved the exhibitions too, it was a pleasure to take her round and listen to all of her sweet, innocent opinions and ideas about what she could see before her.

David Shrigley
Victoria Morton
I'd love to sit and blog all day but for now i'd better crack on with this weeks drawing, think large scale Botanical...
Here's some Instagram pics from our past week. Thanks for looking!

Oh and before I forget Nina and I have decided to go veggie for the month of September. It shouldn't be too much of a challenge for us because we do often eat meat free meals but I'd love to hear from other parents about how they deal with being vegetarians. How do you support your children and help them to understand these choices? Get in touch!

Naomi & Nina

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