Monday, 11 August 2014

The Solway Coast

My wonderful gran has a caravan in Dumfries and Galloway by the Solway coast. It is in a lovely spot just a short car journey away from lovely beaches, forests and exciting places to explore. I think it's a place that is often forgotten about but it's definitely worth a visit. I've always spent a week or two away at the caravan during the summer ever since I can remember and now that I have little Nina it means we can snap up any opportunity to get down there even just for a few nights. There are so many place for kids too, the cocoa bean chocolate factory, Kirkcudbright wildlife centre and Barend riding centre being three brilliant places we visited during our last trip to the van.

GG (great gran) and Nina enjoying the Doon beach near Kirkcudbright.

Nina and I enjoying our evening walks around the campsite.
The Forest of Ae, a lovely walk along the river Ae. A popular spot for cyclists. Can't ever keep this little one out of the water for long!
Nina's first ever pony trey on the gorgeous Paddy. She was so relaxed and comfortable up there, I can say without a doubt that I was a million times more nervous than she was!
Our trip to the "choccy factory" it was a great day out and perfect when the weather was a little iffy. Nina had a great time in the workshop and we had a great time watching her sweet little face.
Snakes and snails! Nina is fearless when it comes to animals. This little snail (Snuggles) is still in our care and we are learning lots about him!
One of my favourite things about my grans caravan is all of her fabulous vintage crockery, I can't get enough! It's also great fun to cook with local produce and create simple, delicious dishes for all the family. I hope to share my seafood risotto recipe that I made at the caravan with you all soon...

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